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From a business mindset turning a profit is the ultimate goal of any endeavor. As a consumer, profit is not the concern, but savings. What if I told you they are often one and the same? Many understand this idea both in and out of business.


Consolidation, downsizing, and sacrifice in service are all too common in the search for savings and profit. I have found that innovation is the greatest margin booster in any industry. At M&P Inspection our approach to increase that bottom line is to help you increase yours, and innovation is how we do it.

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In construction, oil & gas, or any manufacturing there are strict standards of quality that must be upheld. Inspection and Non-Destructive testing are commonplace. It's no secret that quality control is overhead. For decades these industries have utilized conventional methods that are familiar and approved by the governing codes. Familiar, that word is stifling in business, but not so much as code approval. We all have our habits, some get us through the day, some hurt though we don't know it because we are in a familiar place with them. One such habit when the need for inspection arises is to call in the X-Ray crew. Why not? It covers the requirements and is code approved. The answer to why not is your bottom line.




X-Ray, or radiography, has been the convention in non-destructive testing for decades. Code approved and time tested, it gets the job done. But at what cost? X-Ray is by it's nature extremely dangerous. Ionizing radiation is used to produce images of the object for evaluation of internal discontinuities. While this sounds interesting, and it is, X-Ray costs time in production that often exceed the cost of the inspection. An area must be shut down and cleared of all personnel during X-Ray activities per federal law. During this time production halts, and your bottom line suffers. A few hours later an evaluation finds an unacceptable area which must be repaired and X-Ray must reinspect, shutting down production once again. After your production resumes and your finished product ships there is the issue of X-Ray film storage. Many companies have warehouses dedicated to the climate controlled storage of X-Ray film. Storage can again exceed the cost of the inspection. And again your bottom line suffers.


Most governing codes (ie ASME, API, AWS, DOT, etc) offer multiple acceptable methods of inspection. Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT), is one of those methods. PAUT is accepted in the latest revisions of ASME, API, and AWS as well as most DOT's. Ultrasonics and X-Ray are the two most reliable and accurate methods of full volume non-destructive testing approved by all major codes. PAUT is the only one that does not shut down your production or require special data storage.

PAUT is a tried and true technology. Code approved and endorsed by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) among others, PAUT can help protect your bottom line. The use of PAUT does not require any clearing of personnel from the area. PAUT technicians work closely with your staff to keep production moving during inspection, and repair work can be done in real time with no delay. A study performed by EPRI concluded that in a single power plant outage over 7000 X-Rays were avoided and outage time was reduced by 1500 hours with the use of PAUT. In another study Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) PAUT can offer a 30% savings over X-Ray when all factors are considered. PAUT also requires no special licensing such as from the Nuclear regulatory Commission for X-Ray. No notifications must be made prior to shipping or work commencing because PAUT poses no danger to the public or nearby employees.

M&P Inspection takes the time to investigate and vet these opportunities so we can offer the best service to our clients. We believe the best service is one that is offered with integrity and reliability without sacrificing your bottom line. Visit to learn more about PAUT and how Prompt, Reliable Service Provided with Integrity can help protect your bottom line.


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